Is it just me, or does this get faster and faster the longer I look at it?

it DEFINITELY gets faster.

Cool story: your brain takes so much longer to process this the first time you watch it, but as you continue watching it, your memory retains more and more of the scene. Thus, your brain can process it quicker and knows what to expect.

I’m reblogging this because that comment made me think

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girls who can run in heels should be feared

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I have been waiting all year for this

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This new album is so sexual if you think about it how did he get Banga Banga and Mmm Yeah past Mama Mahone

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The Kardashians are so full of wisdom. 

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That moment when you have specific lyrics in your head but can’t remember the song name and you randomly find it

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I miss when Austin use to Skype fans and I could easily lie about him being my boyfriend

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